Take Flight

The purpose of Take Flight at Landmark Aviation, located on the northern edge of Lindbergh Field in San Diego, California, is to address the challenge of creating a public attraction out of a private terminal.  Take flight will foster a seamless blend of public and private realms creating an enriched environment bringing the local community, privileged jet owners, and avionic enthusiasts together as one to celebrate the experience of flight and the history of avionics in San Diego. 

Through a simple ramp a transitional gesture in form is made, blurring the segregation of public and private.  A vertical patterning of structure repeated horizontally evokes a sense of movement that slowly inclines, reminiscent of an airplane taking off and rising towards the clouds. As a private jet terminal, Take Flight provides luxury and efficiency in travel. With multiple lounge areas feathered with lush palms travelers can relax for a brief moment, secluded from the public environment.Yet, a visual connection can be made potentially inducing a temptation to pop out of their ‘private bubble’ and engage with the community.

  As a public attraction, visitors can experience their own moment of flight in their journey to the elevated museum slowly inclining the transitional ramp rising to the sky, to eventually overlook the airport, San Diego Harbor, and downtown.  After checking the sights visitors enter the museum, descending through a rich avionic history of San Diego and the inspiring life of Charles Lindbergh, to eventually arrive at the public lobby.

Several amenities are offered here, with a tasty food court, Spirit of St. Louis CafĂ© overlooking the tarmac, various retail, leasable office space, executive conference rooms with hourly time slots, and a welcoming coffee shop.  The facility intends to spark a new interest in the revamping of the five points district bringing new public green spaces and engaging the surrounding communities.  This is the new Landmark, Take Flight with us.