With the adjacency of Balboa Park there is an apparent relationship between the site and the park asking to be fulfilled. What began as a concept of direct injection of green space throughout the school, a literal connection between the two slowly transformed into an interpretation of what the benefit ting factors of a park are and then applying those factors to the specified program. A bleeding of green space is created by dividing student housing, a place of relaxation, from student learning, a place of invested stress, to create a public realm wherein student projects can be on display generating an interaction between the students and the community.

An adaptive transforming screen serves as an energy conserving element that is translated from the effects of a leaf on a tree. Each moving panel opens according to the time of day and allows for more natural light to penetrate the western side in the morning and the  eastern side in the afternoon. In the summer it will reflect solar gain while in the winter months it will create an insulated air space to retain heat.

Architecture students are enveloped in an often times overwhelming swirl of studio work, classroom learning, and looming thoughts of optimal presentation for design ideas and concepts. Through the effects of collage a concept of a mega studio growing upwards wherein students engage in contact and affiliation was developed.

With the chaotic lives architecture students endure a place of serenity and simplicity is much needed. An outdoor roof garden will provide a secluded retreat for students to grill some burgers, relax with friends, enjoy city views, and not stress about school.