Modulus 54

  The primary purpose of Modulus 54 is to harness a group of 54 rooms, creating a small community that becomes a unique piece of larger Miami.  Modulus is a number by which a logarithm to one base is multiplied to give the corresponding logarithm to another base.  Through the multiplicity of one module a larger realm is achieved.

As a hotel it can be an experience of relaxation or indulgence.  The Sky Bar offers a taste of Miami nightlife while the private poolside cabanas allow for a brief moment of pure bliss away from the urban hustle and bustle of Miami.

 The hotel sits within a distinct context: the city of Miami is conditioned by the warm Atlantic Ocean and lush tropical landscape, a rich history in art deco, newer monolithic high-rises, a culture of glistening lifestyles and flashy fast cars.  Modulus 54 gently rises from the white sand beaches to crest at the rooftop bar, floating in clear blue skies, then comes back down toward the fabric of the city offering high end retail  and exquisite dining.  One arrives at the hotel from the city to an open plaza, stepping through a modest entrance to be delighted by a grand cathedral of hotel culture feathered with lush palms and a friendly atmosphere, demanding a second of admiration.  Slowly, the dominance of the city and intimidation of the cathedral transforms into a comfortable setting with the soothing feeling of a simple clean space and a mesmerizing view.  As the guest winds down, they have the option to forget their nine to five job in Chicago at the rooftop bar or bronze their pasty thighs while sipping on a cool Mai Tai by the pool.

The structure is conceived by a stack of modules contained within a metal paneled steel frame.  The curved corners of each module are a restoration of Miami’s art deco history, and in a vertical stack a tropical interpretation of the trunk of a palm tree.  The site work can be done while each module is prefabricated offsite, then when ready, trucked in and craned into place 54 times creating Modulus.