Land Port

 The San Ysidro Land Port of Entry is designed to be a port of destination accommodating travelers on foot, rail, bus, bicycle, automobile and freight. Each day 102,000 people cross through this port of entry between Mexico and the United States. The project is to improve operational efficiency, security and safety for cross-border travelers and federal agencies. The new crossing will service 48 lanes of traffic, each with two vertically stacked inspection booths and a new fast track inspection ticketing process.

A secure marketplace within a bi-national plaza will unite American retail development to the north to Mexican retail development to the south offering various shopping and traveling amenities.
The charged program of the complex is harnessed by a continuous structure wrapped in a steel mesh coated with titanium dioxide to collect carbon emissions catalyzed by UV light to produce a grey water solution, for a cleansed border exchange on all levels. Grey water will be recycled from various program and distributed through the TiO2 structure to the landscaping within the plazas, to naturally drain through the Tijuana River.

The form is derived through an exploration of charged program augmented by the natural strata of the earth and the molded infrastructure that currently exists.