L      i      v     e              L      e      a      r      n             P     l      a     y             E    n     j     o   y

The current South Embarcadero site in San Diego, California offers opportunity for a connection between the social and physical fabric of the city. Located between a strand of developer enhancements on the North Embarcadero and a barrier of tourist devices to the south the site demands a bold, engaging plan beyond the interest of the developer and the tourist. It should not be what one would consider an icon, but rather a locale for the people of the city that disseminates the current barriers creating a convergence of culture, interaction, and engagement through the fracturing and overlapping of four simple concepts. It's time to live, learn, play and enjoy San Diego's waterfront.

 In Collaboration with     Jonathon Weber     Matt Woltering      Douglas Mayfield

 The footprint of the roads are greatly decreased by main traffic underground and celebrating the environment above. Our fossil fuels are soon to be be at their lowest levels and automobile transportation will be overturned by the pedestrian realm and public transportation.

The pedestrian realm is increased by adhering to the neighboring residential sites and placing PCH and the MTS tracks underground. With an integrated, walkable desalinization plant green space is kept unharmed while resource proficiency is maintained.